Clinic FAQs

Since we tend to get a bunch of questions about the clinic, we thought it might be helpful to set up a little Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer any lingering questions you might have. If you have a question that you think should be added to this list, tell us!

  • Q: Is this clinic for police officers only or civilians too?
    • A: Both! We welcome registrations from our uniformed and un-uniformed friends.
  • Q: Do we offer overnight accommodations for horses?
    • A: Yes, we do! We have several outdoor paddocks equipped with run-in shelters and water troughs. Free Spirit Farm does not have any indoor stalls.
  • Q: If I’m leaving my horse overnight, will someone else be feeding him/her?
    • A: Unless otherwise arranged and just to make sure there’s no mixups in feed or timing, we recommend all horse owners to feed their own horses before and after the clinic at Free Spirit Farm.
  • Q: If I’m coming to the clinic from out of town, where can I stay?
    • A: There are a couple of local hotels to choose from. You can have a look at some of them here.
  • Q: Are there lessons available at Free Spirit Farm?
    • A: Why yes! Take a look at our lesson program here.
  • Q: Are there other clinics available at FSF?
    • A: There will be soon! Be sure to check back for more information coming soon!